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Woman in Henderson after Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Henderson dentists, Drs. Roger Densley and Aman Sidhu, are committed to providing you with your best possible smile. A vital part of our standard of care at Densley Dental is taking time to get to know your oral health history, your lifestyle, and your smile concerns so our cosmetic dentists can, in partnership with you, design the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening in Henderson

This is a one-visit whitening procedure that takes less than an hour and provides results that are equal to that of the 10- to 14-day systems. Your Henderson dentist applies the ZOOM! teeth-bleaching gel to your teeth and uses the ZOOM! light to help the gel penetrate deep stains. The gel stays on your teeth for approximately 15 minutes.

Porcelain Crowns in Henderson


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